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Our unlock service is approved by phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC; which means your device will be whitelisted in their database. It is safe regarding future updates of your phone. Permanent factory unlock is here at affordable rates.

Why IMEI Phone Unlock?

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Our unlocking service offers low rates. No mediators.

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If we are not able to unlock your device you get 100% refund. Period.

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Our dedicated team has helped 100k+ people worldwide to use their phones with any carrier.

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You can contact our experts via online chat or email whenever you want.



How you can get your phone unlocked now

Order online

Choose your model and carrier from our store; add IMEI number to the order.

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Pay securely with PayPal or credit card, 100% money back guarantee.

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Official factory unlock is the right way to unlock a device.
Sit back, relax and let IMEI Phone Unlock whitelist your phone.



Your phone will be unlocked for lifetime. You can update or restore the device without worrying it will get locked again.

Unlocking at IMEI level will not affect the warranty of your device.

Our unlock method is approved by Apple and other manufacturers, 100% safe and reliable.

Your device will be with you all the time; we will unlock it online for you.

When travelling abroad you can use any carrier and SIM card to get connected to friends and family.

With an unlocked phone you can use all features and apps of that particular operating system, no limits whatsoever.

You can sell the device later with ease when it has been unlocked.

Shady cracks and software can cause irreversible damage to the phone; our IMEI Phone Unlock service uses only official approved methods.

What our clients say?

Greg – US – iPhone 5
I was locked to at&t then found this site on internet. Now my iphone 5 is unlocked and it wasn’t expensive at all.

Emily – Australia – iPhone 6
I don’t know much about phones but a friend suggested me this service. They did something in 2 days I could already use my phone with other than Telstra.

Frank – Canada – Samsung Galaxy S
I’ve read about these services before. IMEI unlock service was fast and friendly. Will buy again from them. Thanks guys!!

More about IMEI Phone Unlock service

People have been unlocking iPhone devices ever since the very first one was ever released to the general public, all the way back in 2007. For a while there though, even thinking about using an iPhone unlock service was enough to get you in a bucket of hot water – and actually moving forward with any of such iPhone unlocking service was going to be illegal.

Today, nothing could be further from the truth, and we are all better off for it.

You see, recently the US federal government decreed that all individuals will have the opportunity to use IMEI unlock on a cell phone to completely free it from the carrier that they are currently with, giving everyone the chance to use a single smartphone device on any cellular network throughout the United States (and the world, if the technology is there).

This opened up the floodgates of people looking for IMEI phone unlock options, and almost forced people to figure out whether or not it makes the most sense to unlock iPhone IMEI to begin with.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should even think about moving forward with a factory unlock service (or not unlock by IMEI but do it all on your own), you’re going to want to focus in on the details that we can share with you below.

This inside information will point you in the right direction, but will also make sure that you are going about the unlocking process the right way.

After all, all it takes is a single slipup and you’ll be looking at a phone that is completely bricked and all but useless. Nobody wants that to happen. And it doesn’t have to so long as you pay attention to the details that we are going to break down right now.

Let’s dive right in!

Why would you want to factory unlock iPhone in the first place?

Though there are way more Android devices out there on the market today than there are iPhones, the iPhone is definitely regarded to be “head in shoulders” above the pack of Android competitors – and honestly it isn’t even really that close.

While a lot of people really like their Android phone, few of them absolutely LOVE their phone the way that people love their iPhone. There’s just something really special about this device that captures the attention and the focus of the mass-market, and the phone has played a major part in pushing Apple towards becoming the first ever trillion dollar business (something that many researchers believe will happen within the next three years).

Unfortunately, the good folks over at Apple have created – and have always been about, for that matter – a locked down “walled garden” kind of experience on their iPhones.

Basically, Apple wants to make sure that the iPhone experience is as picture-perfect as humanly possible, and go to such great lengths as to design the hardware and the operating system (and install rules for apps as well) that all “play nicely” with one another.

This gives iPhone users a very unique and premium experience, but it also strips away a considerable amount of freedom at the exact same time. Android users love that they are going to be able to strip out or rip out any of the programs that they simply don’t want on their device without any headache or hassle (while adding pretty much anything and everything that they like to through the Google Play Store) – iPhone users will never know what that’s like.

By deciding to use IMEI unlock for mobile phone devices from Apple, you are taking advantage of all the big benefits that Android enjoys but marrying them to the premium android hardware and the perfectly designed iOS.

You’ll be able to really tinker with all of the internals of your new phone, you’ll be able to install “unapproved” files, applications, and other digital pieces of media to your device without worrying about your iPhone kicking it off, and you’re also going to be able to jump from one carrier to the next without ever having to worry about your phone not working on a different network.
It really doesn’t get a whole lot better than this!

Finding the right IMEI iPhone unlock service

The only thing that gets a little bit tricky about trying to unlock Apple mobile devices is that you’ll usually have to have someone else do the “heavy lifting” for you.

Not only do you need an individual to provide you with an IMEI unlock code to open up and free your phone from its previous carrier with, but you’re also going to need to know how to find that number, how to input the number in the appropriate space and at the appropriate time to use IMEI phone unlock, and how to confirm that everything went exactly as it should have.

Without the right iPhone unlocking service, you’re going to be in pretty big trouble.

At the same time, there are a lot of fly-by-night iPhone unlock companies out there looking to cash in on the desperation of people that finally want to be able to use their phone any and every way that they see fit. A lot of these companies are run by less than ethical marketers just looking to make a quick buck, and they may or may not even actually unlock your phone to begin with.

To protect yourself, you’re going to want to make sure that you find the right factory iPhone unlock service to begin with.

Obviously, there are other things that you’re going to want to focus on as well when it comes time to unlock mobile phone devices from their previous carriers using a factory iPhone unlock service – but hopefully now you have a better idea of why and how you’ll want to go about doing exactly this.

Now that you know our official factory unlock service is the safe way to go, don’t get confused of all the unlock programs or cheap patches people try to sell you elsewhere. These may provide you temporary solutions but will make more damage in the end. The only reliable way to unlock a phone is to whitelist it in the official database. Period.

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