Affiliate Terms

This page includes our Terms for the Affiliate Program on

Before signing up to our Affiliate Program you need to accept these Terms.

Accepted Methods of Promotion

An affiliate can promote our products through their unique affiliate URL given by our affiliate manager. We provide banners and other promotional tools to our affiliates. We accept different methods of promotion, like blogging, advertising, media buying, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing. We do not tolerate spam! Affiliates are prohibited from using any promotional methods that are illegal or anyhow hurt our reputation. Always ask our affiliate manager for advice if you are not sure in your promotion methods. Affiliates are responsible for their promotion activities.


Affiliates are liable for keeping our reputation good and not to hurt our brand with promoting our products and services. Affiliates take full responsibility for their activity of promoting our products and services, especially if the affiliate’s activity has any consequences by the law.

How We Track Sales

Our online store has automatic tracking system that calculates the commission % for our affiliates for sales done through the affiliate URL (unique URL that our affiliates have for promoting our products). The commission shows up on affiliate’s personal dashboard. We keep a 30-day cookie to track sales for affiliates.

Commissions are paid out only for successful sales. All refunds, chargebacks and failed unlocks that we receive, have no rights for commissions. If a sale made through an affiliate is refunded or failed in any other reason, the commission % will be deducted from the payout.


We pay our affiliates for successful sales on a monthly basis. NET 30 payout via PayPal or Bank Wire means that an affiliate gets his commissions for May on the 30th of June at latest. We have the rights not to pay for fraudulent or illegal activities; refunded and failed sales.

Accepting These Terms

All affiliates must accept our terms on this page to use the Affiliate Program. We have the right to close affiliate account and skip any pending payouts if we detect any fraudulent activity that can hurt our brand or business, or is restricted by the law. We have the right to make changes to these Affiliate Terms anytime.

Terms last updated 7/06/2016

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