Can I download app?

There are no software or applications associated with official IMEI phone unlock. We do not sell software; we sell a legal service that unlocks your phone from the original carrier. The only exception is T-Mobile USA app unlock that we offer for Android devices.

Is unlocking free?

Unlocking is never free, those who claim to do it for free are scamming people for other reasons. Exception would be an old phone from the previous decade, those can be unlocked for free.

Why does it cost so much?

Prices are dictated by the market, some phones are really hard to unlock and therefore they cost more. We at ImeiPhoneUnlock.com are doing it for the minimum profit to provide best prices and best customer service to get your phone unlocked.

I have no opportunity to pay

We accepts debit/credit card and PayPal payments. If you can’t use either one of them, then we recommend finding a friend who has either a debit/credit card or PayPal account.
At this time, we do not accept other forms of payment.

How to unlock iCloud, how to bypass iCloud Activation?

To unlock iCloud, you will need to know the original account holder’s information.

If you do not, then we offer a service called Apple iCloud ID Finder. This service will give you the original iCloud accounts holder’s information. You may use that information to contact the original phone owner and request them to remove the iCloud lock.

Other option is to use Apple iCloud Removal Service – it is expensive but it is worth if you have a newer iPhone or iPad.

There are no other ways to bypass iCloud activation, until the phone is iCloud locked, it is as useful as a rock on the beach.

More information on iCloud unlock: click here.

What is Clean and Premium difference?

Clean unlock can be used for a phone that is not tied to contract, has not been financed, and is not reported as stolen or blacklisted.

Premium unlock is used for any phone that does not meet “Clean” criteria, meaning that it is either financed, on contract or blacklisted.

How to unlock my phone?

To unlock your phone, you will need to have the IMEI code for your phone and you will need to know the network that your phone is locked to. If you do not know the network, we offer network check services for free, given that you purchase the unlock service from us.

Once you pay for the unlock service, we will process it within 24 hours and your phone will be unlocked within the given timeframe on the product page.

Does unlocking work?

YES. All the phone unlocking services that we sell are permanent unlocking solutions. Your phone will remain unlocked even after updating or restoring it.

I ordered semi-premium but it came back not found and now you advised to use premium?

Semi-Premium is a service that we offer for AT&T and few other networks. This service works on some phones that are financed. We offer this service because it can save money rather than buying the premium. However, Semi-Premium success rate is low and when our request are rejected by the server, you will need to use the Premium service to unlock your iPhone.

I have not activated my iPhone, can I still unlock it?

Unfortunately, iPhones that are still in the factory packaging and have never been turned on & activated, can not be unlocked. You will have to perform the initial activation on a new iPhone before it can be unlocked. Otherwise, information regarding that iPhone will not be in generated in the database server.

Does the phone still have to be active with the other carrier to unlock it?

No, you may cancel your service with your service provider and still unlock your phone.

It says 1-4 business days. Do you know if it might be a little sooner than that?

No, these statements are based on the last months performance. Meaning that the fastest unlock was delivered in 1 day and slowest in 4 business days. We have no control over delivery time once we have submitted it for processing and we can’t guarantee if the unlock will be delivered in 1 day or 4 days, however, we try to have it done as soon as possible.

Can you get me discount?

We can give discounts for bulk orders. Please email us for more information.

Here is what we consider bulk:
5+ orders Clean Services
3+ orders for Premium Services

Buying with different currency

If you are buying with different currency, we advice to double check the currency rates before purchase. All our currency exchanges are processed by PayPal.


We offer Affiliate programs, for more information and special requests please contact us via email.

iPhone factory unlock – for who and why?

There are Apple phones which are offered unlocked already; after getting a factory unlock for your phone it will be the same as a brand new unlocked gadget. Unlike conventional Gevey or Turbo SIM and jailbreak methods, our service includes whitelisting the phone in the manufacturer’s database. This procedure assists consumer to unlock real means without running the risk of service warranty or any sort of software program problems. It is additionally qualified for lifetime as well as functions worldwide no matter what carrier network is being used.

Which phone models can be unlocked?

From the iPhone family we are able to whitelist your devices as follows: 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus from many networks. Also Samsung Galaxy, HTC Desire and Legend, Nokia Lumia and more phones are available in our e-shop. If you can not locate your provider on our listing then contact us today and also we will certainly upgrade our listing. Our one-of-a-kind unlock sustains ALL bootloaders, basebands, as well as firmwares cause we do not unlock making use of software application, all Apple iPhones refined for unlock with us are opened with Apple Server Database.

Is phone unlocking lawful?

Getting your device unlocked is totally legitimate for all gadgets. You do not need to fret about any kind of limitations concerning unlocking your phone. When smartphone service provider distribute or sell phones under their name, they generally put a network lock on the gadget to keep their client to themselves and also bound to just one network. Unlocking will just get your device whitelisted so it could be used with any carrier network.

Can I use iTunes for upgrading and restoring my iPhone after this unlock?

Official factory unlock is permanent, and also you will certainly have the ability to recover as well as upgrade through iTunes without fretting about your mobile phone being relocked.

Do I need to send my cell phone to you to use this service?

No, you do not send your phone anywhere! Everything that needs to be done on your part can be done online at home. The unlock is done from another location so all we require from you to refine the unlock is your phone’s IMEI number. Once we have your order together with the IMEI number, we will whitelist your device in the database and you can activate the unlock by using WiFi or your current carrier network’s data plan.

How do I know to trust you? Which guarantees do you give?

Our team believes this is one of the most authentic and also straightforward inquiry. As concern of the truth, word of mouth advertising is the best way to spread our service. Our solution is 100% refundable with superior top quality assistance. We do not market any sort of software application. We assure our service to be 100% working and also we will certainly provide you a refund if our unlock procedure does not work for you.

We guarantee 100% refund in case:

Your phone information states “Not Found”.

Due to the nature of this service we need image or video proof from you that the unlock did not work.

We have tried different measures but we still fail to get your device unlocked.

Keep in mind: Once we have started to process your order you can not cancel it.

Why do you have different prices for different phone models?

The price of factory unlock service differs because of multiple reasons. Different models and carriers need often different approach. The price also depends on the availability and demand for particular models and carriers.

Other services or sofware are cheaper than this. Why?

There are lots of service providers who offer shady cracks or patches that will be of more damage to your phone than anything else. Getting your phone unlocked by PC software, opening your phone or using hacked SIM cards will do harm and your device might become a brick. We do not recommend any of these cheap solutions. Our official service will get your device whitelisted in the database so you can upgrade your phone whenever you want in the future.

How to order your service?

Open up the web shop from Unlock Now option in the menu. Choose your phone model and carrier, request the order and we will contact you. The whole procedure takes usually 1 – 3 days, but can be longer (see for each phone separately). If you have any more questions then feel free to contact our dedicated support via email or online chat.

About the Service

IMEI Phone Unlock team offers mobile users official, permanent and safe unlocks only. We presently have Apple, Samsung, Nokia as well as HTC unlock options available.

Apple unlock that gets rid of any kind of network limitations your iPhone could have by noting your phone as opened in Apple’s IMEI data server. It permits you to utilize your smartphone on any sort of network worldwide. We give this unlock for all Apple iPhone versions running all firmware variations, as well as there is no reason for jailbreak. Since this unlock is official as well as does not call for an awkward “jailbreak”, it suggests you could securely upgrade the OS on your mobile at any moment, and also sync your gadget with your computer system without concern of Apple eliminating your unlock.

It is specifically beneficial having actually an opened mobile phone when you go taking a trip abroad: simply get another SIM card in and also surf the Internet without high expenses.

We can also unlock iPhones that are locked to major networks from Canada, South America, Europe, and Japan. Please email [email protected]