How to Unlock iPhone 11 (Pro)

When it comes to unlocking an iPhone 11 Pro, it is important to first understand that there happens to be two different reasons why an iPhone is locked. The 1st type is when the phone can only be used on a specific carrier, for example, AT&T (meaning you cannot use it on another carrier), and the 2nd type is when you have either forgotten or lost your iPhone passcode. These situations are obviously completely different, but both will mean that you are unable to use your iPhone 11 (Pro) when it is locked. Here is a step-by-step guide on ways to unlock an iPhone 11 for both situations.

Option One: Unlock Your iPhone 11 Pro Network

To begin with, there are many reasons why owners of an iPhone 11 and Pro, need to unlock their phones. Here are some of the more common situations:
• You are planning a vacation or trip to another country, and your iPhone 11 is locked with AT&T.
• You want to use AT&T as a cellular provider rather than T-Mobile, or the other way around.
• Your contract has come to an end and you want to switch to a carrier that provides monthly costs that are lower.
In most cases, your iPhone will be carrier-locked. You are unable to change to another network until you unlock the phone. Here are a few handy techniques you can use to unlock your iPhone 11 Pro.

1. Official Carrier Unlock

Many of the carriers are not prepared to unlock an iPhone 11 when your contract is still running, or you have not paid the ETF (early termination fee). To find out the best way to get an iPhone officially unlocked, you can check if your carrier and the device model are supported by our featured unlock team by clicking the unlock button. Some people call the customer support number of their carrier and request a paid unlock for the phone which often turns out to be a pricey and tiresome task, the carrier will obviously try to keep its clients around. The main carriers which include O2, EE, AT&T, Vodafone, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile all do it very similarly.
Before you try the official whitelisting through our site, make sure you have all the necessary information about the phone, as the system will probably ask you for these details during the signup:
• IMEI number on the iPhone
• Your current network
• Your email address
• Your iPhone model
To obtain the IMEI number from the iPhone, go to “Settings”, click on “General”, and then “About”, and then look for the device’s MEID/IMEI.
The unlock we suggest here is the best method, because it is not only permanent, which means that it continues even after conducting a factory restore, but it is also official and legal.

2. Passcode iPhone 11 (Pro) Unlock

Forgetting the passcode or password for your iPhone 11 is not only frustrating but also embarrassing. In addition, iPhones have definitely designed around safety. This will mean that if you attempt to use the incorrect code over and over your iPhone 11 Pro will lock.
If after 6 attempts that are unsuccessful when it comes to entering your passcode, the phone will show a red message that says “iPhone is turned off”. The iPhone will indicate that you will be able to try the code after 60 seconds. If after 10 attempts you are still using the incorrect passcode the phone with lock completely.
When your device has locked completely, you will receive 2 messages. The first will say “iPhone is disabled” and the second message will say “Connect to iTunes”.
How to Unlock iPhone 11 Pro PIN Code
If you have lost or forgotten your PIN code, you are able to use this method:
• Erase the device with iTunes which will delete the password. This step will clear your access code and the device.
• Now connect your phone to a computer that you first used to synchronize your device.
• Open iTunes.
• Wait until iTunes has synced to the device and wait for the back-up.
• Once the backup and synchronization are complete, click on “restore your device”.
If you never synced with iTunes, you will need to use a recovery mode in order to restore your phone. This method will clear your access code and your device:
• Connect your iPhone 11 (Pro) to a PC and then open iTunes.
• While your phone is connected, force the device to restart.
• Now briefly hold the Volume up button down, and then briefly hold the Volume Down button down. Now hold and press the key on the side on the phone and wait for the recovery-mode screen to appear.
• Once you see the Update or Restore option, click on Restore.
• iTunes will now download an application for the device. If this process extends over 15 minutes, your iPhone will then exit the “recovery mode”, which means you will need to repeat these steps again.
• Make sure you allow the process to complete. From here you should be able to configure and carry on using your device.

3. iCloud Unlock for iPhone 11

If the first two options have not worked for your phone, or when these methods sound too complex or confusing to you. You may want to try iCloud unlock. This is an effective service that is more than capable of unlocking an iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.
iCloud Unlock is one of the professional services that many people use to recover their password or passcodes for iPhone 11. This tool can be used to quickly restore your iTunes password and backups which you may have forgotten or even when you have never set one up. It comes highly recommended by a number of users as it provides one of the best methods to restore your phone. Other features that make this service so popular has to do with efficient and easy user experience, optimized compatibility, and it retails at a highly competitive price.
Here are some of the benefits of getting iCloud unlocked:
• You can use this service to unlock any model of iPhone or iPad.
• Safe and simple to order.
• Provides official and legal whitelisting of the IMEI code of your device.
Hopefully you have found some help here on how to unlock iPhone 11 Pro. Just follow the guidance after hitting that orange button and let the unlock department do the rest. You will be able to use your Apple device again and on any network you choose.