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How To Unlock HTC Desire and Legend

how-to-unlock-htc-desire-legendUnlocking HTC phone is a common phenomenon and many people wish to get their phone unlocked, so that they can use the carrier of their choice and the plan they want. It also enables many features on the phone that are otherwise restricted by the manufacturer. It basically allows using the hardware of the phone to its full potential, while extending the capabilities of the software to become more flexible.

There are millions of phones that are unlocked each year after the phone has crossed its contract stage, or when the owner decides to change the carrier. If you are the owner of HTC Desire, which is one of the best budget smartphones introduced by the HTC, and which has millions of units sold worldwide, you might want to unlock it to tap its full potential. Knowing how to unlock HTC Desire or Legend would help the users to switch to any other carrier and it can be tremendously useful when visiting another country. It not only saves good amount of money, but also provides the users with flexibility to choose the carrier and plan of their choice.

To understand what unlocking is, one needs to understand what the benefits of HTC unlock is. It would save users a good amount of money, and also allow them to use the features they want in the carrier of their choice, and without having to change the phone. The users would be able to overlap the restrictions imposed by manufacturer. Here are the few benefits of unlocking HTC Desire.

• When you unlock your HTC Desire phone, you can use any carrier of your choice and select any cheaper mobile plan of your choice. This would help you give much more option in terms of which mobile plan to choose, and help you save a lot of money too.

• With unlocked phone, you can be sure that the call rates would be cheaper. You wouldn’t have to bear heavy roaming charges. This means tons of savings whenever you are travelling.

• To unlock HTC Legend, it is not necessary to root your phone. This provides a sense of security and safety.

• You would be able to use different unlocked SIM cards on the phone to differentiate professional and personal calls. This simply wouldn’t be possible if you are using the locked version.

• No matter where you are, in your native country or abroad, you can switch to any other network of your choice without any hassles. This is the kind of flexibility unlocked HTC Desire can provide.

• It doesn’t deprive you of the functionality of your device, but instead increases the flexibility with which it works.

However, before you go in to learn how to unlock HTC Desire or actually get it unlocked, there are things you might want to consider to ensure that there are no regrets later on. With all things in life, there are some disadvantages as well of unlocking phones, and here are a few considerations you might want to give a thought about before going ahead with it:

• The network carrier companies don’t want to unlock your contract phone to keep you as their customer.

• If you want to terminate the carrier providers’ service before the contract has come to an end, you can do that by paying a hefty termination fees. It depends on various factors basically.

• Make sure that you have compared other network service providers and their mobile plans before unlocking, so you know what you are getting and how you are benefitted.

• Choose the mobile plan of your choice before unlocking and know the criteria you need to follow to get its service, so that the HTC Desire unlock doesn’t go in waste.

So, now that we know the benefits of HTC Desire unlock and know what you need to consider before going for unlock, let’s move into understanding how to unlock HTC Desire. It is a very easy process, but needs to be done carefully, so that you don’t lock or damage it. Here is how you can unlock HTC Legend:

• Unlocking such mobile phones can happen with the help of HTC unlock code, but this code is hard to get by. Most of the phones manufacturers, including HTC do not give out HTC unlock codes. There are specialized HTC unlock services online that can help you get the unlocking done in a right way.

• With such specialized HTC Desire unlock service, you just need to fill in the SIM unlock form, provide the IMEI number and get the HTC unlock done with instructions immediately.

• Unlocking HTC phone is all about getting your device whitelisted in HTC’s database. It doesn’t require rooting and you can order the unlocking as easily as possible.

• You can also unlock HTC Legend through the debugging and rooting process, for which you would need few drivers and tools, but this method is not reliable.

This process needs a bit of precision and attention for sure, but if you follow it accurately, it even might work for you. It does take some time as well. However, if you do not want to take so much pain to unlock HTC Desire, simply take the unlock service from our online store for a small fee.