How To Unlock iPhone 3 3G 3GS

how-to-unlock-iphone-3-3g-3gsBeing locked to a particular network still happens so frequently to consumers, iPhone owners included. We know how to unlock iPhone 3; furthermore the truth is there is not much difference in unlocking iPhone 3GS, 3G or 3. Being locked to one carrier occurs whether a person has signed a contract for the service or is on pay as you go. It is one of the tactics employed by carriers in order to keep people as their customers and prevent them from joining other providers.

Naturally, as a consumer you want to go where the best deals are and it’s no fun to discover that a phone you bought, an expensive one especially, is unable to make the switch. Luckily, unlocking iPhone 3GS can help you almost instantly. This guide covers the main options for completing this task.

There is a similar unlocking process for your iPhone 3GS. You can permanently unlock it, to be used with any carrier you choose. This is actually easy and doesn’t do any harm to your precious phone, like some fear it would. Before we proceed, we must go through the warnings, however.

Precautions to Unlock iPhone 3

It is really important to look for the unlocking process that’s appropriate to your phone model. Thus, to unlock iPhone 3GS you definitely need to include this name in your order. Any other versions will not work.

The method how to unlock iPhone 3 can be used even after you’ve gone through firmware updates. Therefore, if these updates occurred automatically while you were using your device or you installed them, there is no reason to worry. It can still be done.

Check our unlocking tips before you take any action. Though the company you signed with may actually be able to unlock the phone for you, it is usually very expensive and therefore we are here to help. It can take up to 2 days and we will normally do this through online databases. There are situations in which unlocking iPhone 3 can be a bit more complicated.

Using an iPhone Unlocking Service

Let’s now proceed to the actual unlocking strategies. This one is the most convenient because someone else will do this for you. For unlocking iPhone 3GS effectively, there are third party companies you can contact online. These represent a safe alternative. Like we do for example.

A specialized service will require the IMEI number assigned to your iPhone. This will appear on the screen if you type *#06# in the field where a phone number usually goes as you’re preparing to make a call (access the dialing number pad). It is also shown when you press “i” on the LCD. Note down the number and double-check it, as it’s got a total of 15 digits.

Here’s an alternative way to find out the IMEI: open the Settings menu, go to General, tap on About. Scroll and you will find the IMEI number listed. Newer models also have this 15-digit number imprinted on their back. It’s on the case in very small text, which is why it may be hard to get it accurately.

Unlocking won’t work in all Carriers. Check our Unlock Now link to see the carriers available. Usually, it is done through online databases and then the phone is registered on the Apple servers as still unlocked. Thus, when you get to update its software afterward, it doesn’t change anything: the device still appears as unlocked because it’s registered so. Each service will tell you exactly what you have to do to ensure the success of the operation. Note that this unlocking method will require you to pay a small fee.

Also, we use the Apple’s own official factory unlock program. However, note that Apple Factory Unlocking is compatible only with certain services. Therefore it is important to see whether your current carrier allows to perform iPhone 3 unlock or not. Look up the information online or ask a specialized company like us to check the compatibility. Once you have the green light and you’re ready to proceed, provide your IMEI number (see above how to obtain it) and a valid email address. Be careful not to make any typing errors.

Once the service is purchased, your IMEI will be processed automatically. Automatic also means quicker results. You will receive an unlock confirmation once the Apple database is updated with your information. A notification will be sent to your email. You have now completed the process to have your iPhone 3GS unlocked.

You could be required to get a different SIM card to insert, from another provider, in order to start using your phone. This will not only enable you to call, but also to make updates in case this doesn’t happen automatically.

A tip for making successful updates: at times, this may not occur in an automatic fashion. Should this happen to you there is the way to get those updates. Just connect the iPhone to a computer through a USB cable. The iTunes services should be able to ‘see’ your device and connect it to the Apple database for automatic updates.

More Ways to Unlock iPhone 3GS

Find out how to unlock iPhone 3GS for a small fee using our fast unlocking service on the Internet. Completing this by yourself requires more care, because you risk voiding the warranty or have trouble with the future firmware updates.

Though we publish this short tutorial how to unlock iPhone 3 at home, we strongly recommend you do not do this on your own if you have not done this before. The unlock method is free but unsafe. This is where you start by looking up the available additional software that you need for the unlock. You do this by using your version of iOS and firmware. It’s easy to find this information in the Settings menu, then by clicking General and then About. The search will reveal the available options of the software you need to use to ‘break into’ the iPhone’s software. Be sure to read all the instructions the software comes with and respects these accordingly.

When the package you downloaded is installed, you have to reboot the device. Turn it off and on again and wait for your network signal to appear. Then you may proceed to unlocking it with the installed program. Before the actual iPhone 3GS unlock it is always recommended to get the latest software updates. It may seem that it is possible to unlock iPhone 3GS for free, but it is strongly recommended we do this on the Apple database so you can always update your device without any problems.

Remember to always get the latest info from Apple. The brand is constantly releasing new baseband versions, specifically for discouraging unlocking attempts. When you want your iPhone unlocked, look for the latest, most compatible solution. Enjoy your device and use it with any carrier you like!