How To Unlock iPhone 4 4S

how-to-unlock-iphone-4-4sAs soon as iPhone 4 unlock was launched, users were amiably surprised with its re-designed features. This device provides a more sleek structure, enhanced speed, power and other features in comparison to its predecessors. Buyers of iPhone 4S unlock were satisfied that the model lived up to its hype and outshone the established iPhone family.

In spite of its popularity of innovative features, users had a major complaint. They desired to factory unlock iPhone 4S, so that they can employ different operators, instead of sticking with one carrier for lifetime. Unlocked phones give consumers a freedom to select a carrier, which offers best plan and services with or without contract.

Is It Legal to Factory Unlock iPhone 4?

If your Apple iPhone 4 was purchased within a year or two then it is possible to get it unlocked. However, if it is older then certainly it may be locked. You can get it unlocked without asking the approval of your original carrier. There are different methods for unlocking iPhone 4. One option is a risky and free way to do it; another way is to let experts handle it without risks involved.

If you have finished the dues of your contract or purchased paid termination fee for early completion of the contract then unlocking iPhone 4S is legal. However, if you are still making payments on the contract, it means you do not own the iPhone totally, so check with your operator, before unlocking.

If you purchased a second hand iPhone 4 or 4S then you may be unsure, whether the device is locked or unlocked. A simple check can solve this issue. Access your iPhone’s cellular settings and check for an option called Mobile Data Network. If it is viewed then your device is most probably unlocked.

If you are in the mobile retail shop purchasing a pre-owned iPhone then use your own SIM card to check whether the cell phone is unlocked or not. Swap your SIM card and make a call; if the iPhone is tied to different network, it will reject your SIM card.

In such case, read on to find how to unlock iPhone 4 through official means.

Official Unlock Service

Unlocking iPhone 4S is simple. It does not need much action on your part, but depends on the mobile carrier’s norms and conditions. You do not need to provide purchase proof of the phone. Usually, an order confirmation number or receipt is not necessary to submit request for unlocking iPhone 4 devices.

Request & Unlocking Process

• An unlock request must be submitted to our customer service.
• The process takes up to few working days but in some cases it can take a week.
• If you don’t receive confirmation within a week, contact us please.
• After our team unlocks the iPhone, you receive an email confirmation.
• Extra steps may have to be performed by you to conclude the unlocking process, but this depends on the carrier. We will send you all necessary details.

Be Aware of Scam Artists

Many companies online or offline provide unlocking services. They sell unlock codes for a fee. Before you pay such company, do your homework, read user reviews, and be alert about potential scams, especially when you are ready to pay for evading your carrier’s policies. Read the third party’s terms before buying such service because you don’t desire to pay extra.

How Much Does It Cost to Unlock iPhone 4S?

Basically, there is a small fee you need to pay for unlocking an iPhone 4S because the company needs to whitelist your phone. However, some companies take additional admin charges. You can open our online shop, see the phones and networks we are unlocking right now, and send your request to get the best deal around.

Setting the New Services

To free your iPhone from carrier’s chain, it is necessary to apply permanent and official unlocking. If you unlock iPhone 4 free using some hack hardware or software then you will not be able to update the old iOS because according to Apple’s official list your phone is still locked.

This issue can be overcome by retrieving your iPhone’s IMEI code. After this you will be able to use any network, upgrade your iOS and remain unlocked.

Depending on your carrier there is sometimes occasions when you need to activate your iPhone after having it whitelisted and unlocked in Apple’s database. We always send our clients the necessary information via email, but we bring up some main tutorials here in case anyone comes to find related information.

1. Use Wi-Fi and iTunes

How to unlock iPhone 4S in iTunes, after official factory unlock is given below. This step is necessary because of the iOS 8. It can get your iPhone relocked, after you have updated the version.

• As soon as you receive unlock confirmation email, you have to activate it, before unlock takes effect.
• Use your Wi-Fi connection for activation instead of iTunes.
• Remover the original supported SIM card and insert an unsupported or new carrier’s SIM card.
“Activation Required” will blink on the screen.
• Your iPhone connected to a live Wi-Fi connection will allow the iOS system to activate your new unlocked status.
• After activating the iPhone, install iOS 8 using iTunes or Wi-Fi. Thus your relocking issue gets eliminated completely.

2. Use computer and iTunes

You can even activate the iPhone after our confirmation using computer and iTunes.

• Connect your iPhone to the PC and open latest version of iTunes.
• If your iPhone works on iOS 8 then disconnect the gadet, after iTunes finds it. After 10 seconds connect it again, you will see a message saying, “Congratulations, your iPhone 4 has been unlocked”.
• If some error occurs then disconnect the iPhone, close iTunes and after sometime repeat the procedure.
• Sometimes, there is no “Congratulations” message on the screen but it says “wait for network signals”. This means the iPhone is unlocked officially.
• If your device is still using the iOS 7 or lower version, you will need to upgrade the phone first using Wi-Fi.
• You can even use new carrier SIM card, go to settings, reset networks, and wait for the signal. The airplane mode has to be enabled and disabled.

In case, you do not succeed to factory unlock iPhone 4 or 4S in iTunes for final unlock.

3. Restore iPhone in iTunes

• Insert SIM and connect with iTunes. Your backup files have to be saved on the clouds or in iTunes.
• After backup click on restore button.
• After restoring process select “Setup as new iPhone” option.
• Now click on continue and activate the device. “Congratulations” message will be seen but if it is missing don’t worry because as soon as you get a signal, you can make calls.

IPhone 4 unlock opens a new world of opportunities, where you can select a suitable carrier without being tied to a specific operator for life. In this competitive cell phone world, you would like to take advantage of the best plans and services. Open our shop and let us provide you iPhone 4S unlock officially in Apple’s database so you can always update your device without any hassle. We offer this service for a small fee, so therefore it is very affordable for anyone.