How To Unlock iPhone 5 5C 5S


Ever since the iPhones have been introduced, unlocking solutions have successfully created a huge difference in switching the carrier for your phone. Ways how to unlock iPhone 5 and also unlocking iPhone 5S are not simple if you are here for the first time, but can be totally safe if someone tech-savvy does it for you. Apple is the first brand to sell high-priced smartphones that are bound by carrier contracts. This makes many customers nervous since shifting the community supplier and amount is simply not so easy.

While many do not object to agreement with insurance companies, they sometimes find relationship over binding. Any iPhone smartphone owner can free his telephone of these high-priced contracts by simply using our service to unlock iPhone 5 safely. It’s important to realize that all unlocking methods are not safe and long lasting.

Why Unlocking iPhone 5 is Necessary?

IPhone 5 unlocking is nothing but the removal of the SIM restrictions on the modem after which the iPhone can work with any carrier. For example if you purchase your iPhone from AT&T, it will not work with Verizon or any other carrier. This leaves you in a dilemma if you purchased a phone from one carrier but would prefer to use it with a different carrier maybe because of cheaper plans or better reception. But if you know how to unlock iPhone 5S, you can easily resolve the problem. The main purpose of unlocking iPhone 5S is to enable it to be used with a different service provider.

Considerations Before Unlocking

Before opting for unlocking iPhone 5, it is best that you completely understand its implications. It’s advisable that you read our tips and then opt for the best path. Some of them are:

• Most carriers take high fees to unlock your phone even when the contract gets partially or completely expired, provided your account is regular and sound with payments etc.
• Some service providers unlock your phone for an early termination fee which is dependent on various factors, but always much cheaper than carrier’s fees.
• The iPhone 5 unlocking process is barely instantaneous and can take anything from 2-4 days before you actually get an email confirmation.
• Before deciding you must confirm if your chosen carrier supports iPhones technology and specifically the technology of your phone. Services running on CDMA cellular networks like Sprint will be incompatible with GSM network compatible iPhones. Apple had stated in no uncertain terms that even unlocked iPhones do not work on a CMDA carrier.
• You must know the firmware version and modem firmware version of your iPhone as they determine whether your iPhone 5 unlock is possible or not.
• Finally you would require a new SIM card with a voice or data plan associated with it to get it working. Here it’s important to realize that many iPhones like 5, 5S and above use a smaller “nano-SIM” instead of the standard full-size or micro SIM. It should be available with the vendor.

The above is why it is best to let us do the iPhone 5S unlocking for you. Same includes the 5C model from Apple. Our service has a small fee but we know how to unlock iPhone 5 the safest and best way online, so you can update your phone later without any concerns. Check our Unlock Now store to pick your device model and carrier.

Benefits of Unlocking

Unlocking iPhone 5 has many benefits. Some of them are:

• The biggest advantage it offers is that you can use your phone with any SIM card from any carrier worldwide.
• Unlocking iPhone 5S is cost effective as it gives you the freedom to switch to cheaper carriers with better services.
• It is especially beneficial when you are travelling internationally as it allows you to opt for cheaper local SIM cards instead of your native SIM card. This saves on exorbitant roaming and international calling charges.
• IPhone 5 unlock has no consequences as it neither inhibits the performance of your phone nor cause any loss of functionality to your iPhone. All features remain intact.
• Unlocked iPhones fetch a greater price if you wish to sell it for varied reasons as customers buying second hand sets generally look for value added deals.

Can You Do Factory Unlock iPhone 5 for Free?

Our service has a small fee to make the unlocking process safe and long lasting. Unlocking also has some important aspects that one must be aware of:

• If you decide to unlock an iPhone 5 yourself at home using some online software, its warranty gets automatically null and void. This is perhaps the biggest downside of doing it on your own.
• Using iTunes and cracked software to unlock the device without factory IMEI unlock may sometimes cause irreparable damage to the hardware of your phone.
• Apple policies specifically forbid any modification to its software or hardware. Hence if you run into any difficulty regarding the set or services, the company would probably not help and you would need to rely on forums and other online resources for solutions. IMEI unlock online is safe.
• Firmware upgrades are not so easily installed if something goes wrong during your unlocking process. It would require you to get the phone back to its original state before IMEI unlock and this can be complicated and problematic.

These are the reasons why we strongly recommend having your iPhone 5, 5C or 5S unlocked by a specialist online who does the correct IMEI unlock in Apple’s database. Unlocking iPhone on your own can cause irreversible damage to your device.

Various Methods of Unlocking

If you now want to know how to unlock iPhone 5S, you need to know about the three methods through which you can do it.

Factory Unlock iPhone 5 Using IMEI – This is the recently introduced and the most beneficial method of unlocking. Its biggest advantage is that it does not affect the factory warranty of the iPhone. It is an official, authentic and legitimate way of unlocking iPhone 5 that is recognized by Apple itself. Here the unlock service first processes the phone’s IMEI in its backend system and then gives a go ahead signal to Apple which then adds the IMEI number to its unlocked database. The procedure can take 2 – 3 days and attracts a small service fee but it provides a safe, effective and permanent result that is not dependent on iOS updates, SIM cards or baseband upgrades.
Hardware Unlock Solutions – This method is invasive which requires opening the phone, playing with wires and performing some other tricks. This is the most complicated and dangerous method as it not only voids the warranty of your handset but can also damages the hardware of your expensive set.
Software Unlock Solutions – There are various programs and similar software through which one can unlock the iPhones. You just download the program, run it and it unlocks the phone. It does not affect the hardware in any manner. But it’s risky in the sense that your phone can be infected with virus or bugs. A real working software program may not support all iPhones, firmwares or basebands. Before opting for it, you must look into your specific carrier and the device’s details. Its results are not guaranteed. Additionally when you update the version of iOS anytime in future, the unlocking is lost and the gadget requires re-unlocking.

Hopefully you now know more on how to unlock iPhone 5. As you see it is not a complicated process if you know what you are doing. This is why the safest method is to let us do the hard part for you and factory unlock iPhone 5S online so you can perform all future updates on the very same device. Open our Unlock Now store, choose your model and carrier and after a day or two you will already be enjoying your unlocked iPhone.