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How To Unlock Telstra

telstraTelstra is one of the most popular networks in Australia and has a huge subscriber base, which continues to grow till date. There are millions of subscribers using Telstra network for their mobile and Internet plans. Even though they have affordable and customized plans to suit the need of every kind of user, it is natural for the users to think otherwise and switch. This is when people need to know how to do Telstra unlock.

By doing Telstra phone unlock, people have the option to choose from many carrier networks and can also switch to another networks at their will, whenever they want. It reduces the price one has to pay for voice and data plans, and also reduces the roaming charges to a great extent. After the CTIA new guidelines and regulations, it has become much easier to unlock Telstra phones, and this applies to other network providers as well. All the users have to do is to contact some service provider online to whitelist their phone. If the users has met all the financial obligations on time and has a good payment record, then there should be no problems in getting the phone unlocked. There are eligibility requirements of Telstra that you need to meet before you unlock Telstra phone, which are as follows:

• The device must not have been used for fraudulent activities.
• The device must not be reported as stolen.
• The service commitments and financial dues on the device must be cleared.
• The termination fees should be paid and cleared in full.
• The device must not be active in any other customer account of Telstra.

These are the few eligibility requirements you need to meet to be able to request Telstra unlock. If you meet all these requirements, then you can proceed with requesting an unlock.

How To Get Telstra Unlock

• Visit our online store to choose your phone model and carrier for unlocking.
• You can also contact us for more information via email or online chat.
• Once you have submitted the unlock request, you will get the details to your email.
• To submit request online, you will need IMEI number, which you can get by dialing #06#.
• You would be able to check the status of your unlock request online with the help of IMEI number and the request number given to you at the time of requesting unlock.
• The entire process generally takes a few days, to a week’s time at max, provided you meet all the eligibility requirements.

To unlock the phone or tablet that has the service commitment with Telstra, here are the few criteria you need to meet:

• The customer account of the users must not have any past financial obligation or due. There should be no unpaid balance.
• Any ongoing installment plan should be cleared by making prepayment.
• If the customer has requested an upgrade, the customer has to wait for the 14 days remorse period before the request can be processed.

These are the requirements to get the Telstra unlock that is under the service commitment. There are many new carriers that have come in the market these days with many attractive voice and data plans. People who choose to move away from Telstra service commitments and plans would have to unlock their Telstra devices. Without that happening, it would be impossible for the users to enjoy the flexibility of using other network’s services. Here are the few reasons why you should unlock your Telstra device.

Why Unlocking Telstra Is a Good Idea

• If you are a frequent traveller, you can be sure that unlocking the phone would be of great use. Your phone’s network compatibility would greatly increase, and it doesn’t have to stay limited or restricted to the same network.

• Unlocked phones may seem expensive at the beginning, because the users have to pay the retail price of the phone, but in the long run, it is very economical. There are no contracts you need to comply with, and you can switch from one network to other anytime you wish.

• You would have much more network options after you unlock your Telstra phones, and no matter which voice and data plan of any other carrier you like, rest assured you can switch easily.

• You would save tons of money on roaming charges that you would otherwise have to bear with locked phone. You can easily switch to the home SIM wherever you go, and this way you would be saving tons of money that you would had to pay otherwise on roaming.

• When you do not have to bear the restrictions of the locked phone and network, you get much more choices in terms of phone models you can opt for. People can choose any other plan without having to change the phone or the number.

• It is perfect for the travellers to unlock their phone, because of the money they would save as well as the coverage they can enjoy.

• Selling becomes much easier when you have an unlocked phone. This is because the unlocked phone comes with the liability of unlocking it, but when it is already unlocked, the buyer can put in the SIM card and start using it instantly. This convenience helps the seller to buy easily.


As unlocking has become legal again after the new CTIA regulations that has been published recently, many people are opting to unlock their phone. You can be sure that you would be able to enjoy ultimate freedom with your phone, and also save a lot of money at the same time. Contacting us to unlock your phone is an ideal solution.

Make sure that you have paid all your financial dues before going for unlocking your phone otherwise you might be denied. While unlocking your phone may seem difficult, it is pretty easy if you know exactly what needs to be done. This article will help you get Telstra unlock with minimal effort and make greatly enjoy the benefits of using the unlocked phone that many people are unable to do since they don’t even know that it can actually be done.