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How To Unlock Vodafone

how-to-unlock-vodafoneMany phone providers lock their phones to a particular network. This limits the user to switch from one network to another as the SIM card of another network provider will not work in a locked phone. The right Vodafone unlock will come to help you in such situations.

For example, you can insert SIM card of a different network provider as to see, if it is compatible with your Vodafone network. This way of testing will allow you to know, if your phone is locked or not and if it needs to get a Vodafone unlock code. This article will guide you on the matter.

Is Unlocking Really Required

Unlocking of the phones makes them attuned to any network, thus benefiting the user. Vodafone iPhone unlock process is required as it allows you to use the SIM card of any network provider in your mobile, which offers lower tariffs, along with more benefits which you can enjoy:

Freedom of Choice: Now switching from one network to another is easier. User can switch to a network provider, which offers lower tariffs and save cost.
Grab the Opportunity: Deals such as free SMS or free minutes to talk, which are provided by a particular network provider can now easily be availed as switching between the service providers becomes easier.
Resale Value: Unlocked phones can easily be sold or exchanged online and can definitely fetch a good amount.
World in your pocket: While travelling one can use the phone in a different country by simply using a new local SIM card.

Methods to Unlock Vodafone iPhone

Locked phones can easily be unlocked by:

• Your best selected official unlock service
• Phone unlocking software, which is free but very risky and unreliable
• Yourself, by using codes, which are generated online for free (not recommended)

It is important to understand that price of unlocking the phone should not supersede the post-unlock benefits. Vodafone iPhone unlock process can be done through our unlock service at a small cost.

Why Phones Are Locked?

As to gain back the heavily subsidized cost at which the mobile phones are produced and made available by the company to the buyers, the carriers lock the phone.

Buyers have to sign a two-year contract for buying a subsidized iPhone but for an unlocked one they have to pay a lot of upfront. Using a locked phone, you get no freedom to switch to another carrier even if you are dissatisfied with the services of your current operator.

In case you engage a 3rd party, before expiry then its warranty stand invalids because such kind of unlocking process is an illegal practice. The particular carrier will change your locked mobile status but there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled.

How To Unlock?

There are only two methods by which you can unlock Vodafone SIM card. First you can do it yourself and secondly by clip & cable.

1) Online Websites: There are many online phone websites that provide necessary code to unlock your phone. You are required to provide these 3 things to the website before they can give you Vodafone unlock code for unlocking the device:

Brand and Model number: You must know the model number of your mobile phone. If you don’t remember it then check your mobile box because the brand and model number are always written on it.
Network: Give information about the network you are currently using and not the service provider on whom you prefer to switch.
IMEI Number: It is the unique number which is given by the mobile company to each mobile device. It is written on the back of the phone. Still, if you are not able to find the IMEI number then type #06# and read your IMEI number on the screen.

Lastly, providing all the above information to the website, they may provide the code for a small fee, which will help you to unlock your phone. There are some websites, which only provide codes of selected company’s Smartphone. Here you can find the Vodafone unlock code easily just by giving your brand and model number.

2) Unlockers: Some of the companies take long time and high fees unlock the phone and if there is an urgent requirement to get your phone unlocked you can always try the unlockers on the street. The positive thing about these unlockers is that if they are not able to unlock your phone they won’t charge a penny. Our service comes with low prices and 2 – 3 days turnaround time depending on the particular case.

3) Unlock Via Cable: User can also unlock Vodafone by using a cable as an attachment. This way of unlocking can also be done by the user personally or by street phone unlockers.  A cable can be used along with downloaded free software via few websites.  When doing it at home, technical knowledge is a must. It is recommended to use an official unlock service online. We can whitelist your phone and you can always update the device later on.

The generation of Network Access Code (NAC) depends upon the phone manufacturer. The user can also raise a request online for getting Vodafone unlocking confirmation. One of the mandatory requirements is providing the IMEI number and mobile phone registration. Upon providing the details the Vodafone unlock request will be processed by our service staff.

Once the code is available or generated, the service member will inform the phone manufacturer as well as the user, who has raised the request. The code will be texted to the user. After confirmation the user can enter the code in his mobile as to unlock the same.

Once the phone is unlocked the user is free to use a SIM card of any other carrier. This gives user a freedom to choose among various tariff plans, which offer great discounts as against what is offered by the phone locked to a particular network.


It is very important to unlock their mobile phones, if in case you are not getting proper network and tariffs by your current network provider. For example, Vodafone unlock process allows the user to get a freedom to shift from one network provider to another as to avail various benefits however, unlocking of the phone could lead to invalidation of the phone warranty being an illegal practice. This is why we do not recommend doing it on your own or using any free Vodafone unlock code or suspicious software. Best practice is to use the whitelisting factory unlock.