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How To Unlock Nokia Lumia and other Nokias

how-to-unlock-nokia-lumiaNokia Lumia devices are slowly growing more popular due to their low price and fast and fluid operating system. Devices like the Lumia 530 are especially popular with the masses because they can often be had for less than $100 unlocked. If you have bought your phone directly from your carrier however, you may need to know how to unlock Nokia phone to use SIM cards from any other networks.

However, if you use the same phone for two or more SIM cards, you might need to keep changing them from time to time. If your phone is locked, you cannot change SIM cards and have your phone work with your network. This is unfortunately the case with many Lumia phone owners. Thankfully, Nokia Lumia unlock is much easier than with Android smartphones or iPhones.

Finding the Nokia Unlock Code

The reason it is easy to unlock your Lumia device is because the hardware and firmware for all of them is the same regardless of what carrier you are currently tied to. In order to lock phones, network operators like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile use software codes. If you have the required code you can easily switch networks simply entering the unlock code.

Now, many services provide this code for Nokia unlock, but they are not all reliable. Make sure that the money you spend for getting the code gets you the result you want. While you will see hundreds of ads from different unlock services, only a few of them can actually provide Nokia unlock codes that will work 100% of the time. Here is how you can find a more reliable service:

• The service needs to already have a good reputation with other Lumia phone owners
• Don’t trust your information with services that claim to offer the unlock code for free. Many of them are often trying to scam you and use your information for nefarious purposes
• Legitimate unlocking services have professional websites with official payment methods and will accept many credit cards
• Don’t use services that offer only cash payments

We have a trusted name in the business and have helped thousands of Nokia phone users unlock their phones and use them on just about any carrier.

Remember that some services will provide you with Nokia unlock codes for only one carrier, while others may give you codes to run on any network. Before you pay cash, make sure that the codes are valid for SIM cards that you will use on your unlocked phone. Our service comes with money back guarantee.

Unlocking Your Phone

In order to receive your code, you usually need to go through a sign up process. Once that is done, the website gives further information on how to unlock Nokia Lumia.

• Create a new account with the relevant information on the service’s website
• Try to avoid personal information that the site does not need like age, date of birth and gender. Many services leave these fields optional
• If they accept Paypal, then use that option instead of direct credit card payments. It is safer and you can file for a refund if the provided unlock does not  unlock your Lumia phone
• Enter the model number of the Lumia phone that you have
• Enter the IMEI number in the relevant field (this number is usually located at the back of the phone. If not, dial *#06#    and it will return you IMEI number. This works for all GSM phones)
• Choose the right payment mode and make your payment

You will then receive a confirmation email from the service or an SMS about the payment methods. This message may be received immediately or in a few hours, depending on how long it takes to process the payment.

Using the Nokia Phone Unlock

Once you have received the code, the Nokia phone unlock process usually works this way:

• Turn of your smartphone
• Remove the old SIM card and replace it with the new SIM card from the carrier you want
• Power on your phone
• If your new SIM card has a 4-digit PIN, it will ask you to enter that PIN now
• Once the phone starts, it will now ask you for the unlock code
• Enter the code that you received in your email or by SMS
• That’s it. You should now have an unlocked phone that you are free to use however you want to

While this is how the process works for the most part, the unlocking service may have a different method. If so, we always provide instructions in the email that contains your code. If that process too fails, contact us either by phone or by email. We may respond in a few minutes or usually within 24 hours. We will either give you an alternate method to unlock your Nokia phone using the code or provide you with a new unlock code altogether. Don’t panic if the process does not work right away.

A Few Things to Remember

The success rate for Nokia Lumia unlock is much higher than for other phones, but there are some cases where it may fail. Here are some things that you should be aware of:

• Some carriers are stricter about unlocking phones than others. For instance, Verizon does not use GSM for their network, so the regular unlock may not work
• Certain flagship models like the Lumia Icon are tied to Verizon and may not work with other carriers even by unlocking because they do not have SIM cards like GSM models
• If you want to be absolutely sure that your phone can be used with multiple carriers, buy an unlocked Nokia to begin with
• Make sure that you provide your unlocking service with the exact model and IMEI number, because certain models have different mechanisms

There is no practical reason why carriers lock Lumia phones to their own networks. They do it for purely business reasons, but consumer freedom should not suffer in the process. When carriers do not provide an officially supported way to unlock Nokia phone, these third party services come in very handy with their Nokia unlock codes and can help you use your mobile with true freedom.