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How To Unlock Windows Phone

how-to-unlock-windows-phoneWhen you buy mobile phones from your network carrier, it will be usually locked or restricted from using other carrier services. It means that you will not be able to use that handset with SIM cards of other carriers unless you unlock Windows phone.

Windows Phone Unlock Advantages:

Let us now first look at advantages of unlocking Windows phone.

• Firstly, if you are traveling to international destinations, you will not be able to use the local SIM card to avoid the international roaming charges of your phone carrier.

• Secondly, unlocked phones will fetch you better resale value, because your buyers will obviously want to use their own SIM cards after purchasing the phone from you. If your phone is not unlocked, then you might have to sell your phone for very low price.

The locking system by the phone carrier is basically Software installed in your phone, which does not allow you to access information from SIM cards of other service providers. Of course, you can purchase unlocked phones straight from the manufacturers or authorized retailers.

However, when you buy handsets from your mobile phone carriers, you get your handsets for cheap prices. Most of the carriers offer low prices on the smartphones they sell, because the customers will be committed to using their network in the long term.  The only drawback being that, you will not be able to use the handset outside your carrier’s network.

Let us now look at how to unlock Windows phone, and get the freedom for using any SIM cards in it. There are many mobile phone models like Nokia Lumia which run on windows operating system. Nokia Lumia itself has got more than 10 to 15 different models.

The various options for getting Windows phone unlock code:

Buy it on the retail market – As already mentioned above, you can directly purchase phones from the retail outlets. However, some retail outlets tie up with mobile phone carriers and sell network locked prices. Therefore, you will need to specifically ask them if your phone is unlocked.

Get your online service provider to unlock it for you – You can contact online services for unlocking request. Some of the companies might not give you the unlock codes until your contract period gets completed. Even if they do agree to unlock your phone, then you might have to spend a small fee, but if the unlocking does practically help you, then the cost will be well worth it.

Get the Windows phone unlock code from the 3rd party unlocking services provider – There are many companies which provide Windows phone unlock codes for prices much lower than others. Also, if your carrier does not agree to unlock your phone before the contract period, then you can still get the unlock codes from the 3rd party unlocking services.

Some of the reputed companies also offer unlocking services from their websites. You could also check if there are any such service providers in your city or local area.  That way you can compare the phone unlocking costs, and then make the right choices.

At the same time, please be cautioned about some dubious online companies, which will charge you money for unlocking your phone, but end up not sending any codes to unlock Windows phone at all. Even if they do, those codes will not unlock your phone.  Therefore, take some time to research about such companies online, and do business only with the trustworthy service providers.

Once you receive the codes, then it is very easy to unlock your phone from your end.  Let us quickly look at the step by step procedure for using the codes to make your phone compatible with any other SIM card, from outside your provider network.

• Download the Windows phone SDK and install it on your computer

• Switch your phone on and release the screen lock.

• Check if the date and time settings are correct or not. If not, you will need to set it manually.

• Use the data cable to connect your phone to your computer. These days, most of the phone chargers come with detachable data cables. If not, you should be able to find one in your mobile phone box.

• When you search for installed apps on your computer, you should be able to find Windows Phone SDK.

• Launch the application and tap on the option which says windows phone developer registration

• A verification window pops up, and you will need to choose your device.

• Next you will get the option to register for unlocking the phone.

• From there on it is very simply to unlock your Windows phone by signing into your Microsoft account.

Please be reminded that the above mentioned steps might not be exactly the same on all the mobile phone models and carriers. If you face any issues, then you can call up your service provider, and ask them for assistance. Alternatively, you could also call up the customer support of your phone manufacturer, and request for assistance.

Once you unlock Windows phone, you can enjoy cheaper call and data rates by using the local SIM cards when you travel. Let’s say if you are traveling from the U.S. to Mexico, then you won’t need to pay for the roaming charges as applicable by your cell phone service provider.

Developer Unlocking Option for Free:

That is another way to unlock Windows phone for free, for which you will need to go for the developer unlock option. In this type of unlocking, you will need to register as a developer. If you are not really a developer, and have no intention of creating any new apps, then you can also unlock your phone by installing Mini SDK.

If you want to simply unlock your phone, which can be used with other networks, then you can use their developer registration option after installing it. Installation of Full SDK will be needed, only if you are into app development. This process can be complicated and take time. The safest and most reliable method to unlock Windows phone is to order an unlock service to do the factory unlock for you.