Apple Keynote still dominates Mobile Powerpoint?

Last year, Microsoft released new and updated Office apps for iOS phones. The availability of this on phones and the integration of Office 365 gained attention from users. Although supporting all devices, the Microsoft apps still have just a few flaws. One of them is that when used on an Apple device, users experienced PowerPoint issues. After making a presentation in Microsoft’s PowerPoint app, iPhones are unable to open the finished document; the document can only be viewed in KeyNote. Another flaw is that unless you have a reliable connection you won’t be able to open Office 365 or OneDrive.keynote-for-iPhone

Another problem, and probably one of the most notable is the inability to remote-control and Ipad from another IOS with PowerPoint. Users are stuck being stationary. Where they were once able to use devices such as their Apple Watch to control the presentation, that feature is only available if saved locally on an iPhone. There’s also problem with Microsoft’s cloud storage, OneDrive, and Apple’s iCloud Drive. iCloud usually stores local copies automatically across all devices, OneDrive Doesn’t.

With Keynote users and instantly connect phone, tablet, and Smart Watch. This connection can be made with or without internet connection, utilizing Bluetooth or an instant network. The user can have their iPad connected to a projector, and use their phone and/or watch as a control.

Microsoft is a bit inconvenient with is current of operating on the IOS platform. With its current operating method, one needs projects saved locally on both the remote and the device connected to projector. Microsoft should be working on this, as Apple is built for the unknowns of life. Microsoft’s PowerPoint is not.

Microsoft could easily have PowerPoint operate like Keynote. However, that would require the company to use Apple’s proprietary Handoff technology. But, Microsoft’s Office system which PowerPoint operates under is currently compatible with all Windows and Android Devices. A way for PowerPoint to run smoothly on all devices is a tough request, but totally possible. All platforms support the same underlying networks like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Microsoft currently has a remote app for Android. This allows you to control a Windows PC once the two are connected via Bluetooth. The App has not been updated for Office 2016 or Windows 10. Although the app works on both systems, it is being speculated that the company has abandoned the app.

In summary, until recently Apple iPad users primarily used Apple’s iWork as their main productivity tool. Then Microsoft released its apps new Office apps for the IOS network. It was great for the user. The company has had some glitches that need to be addressed. This includes things like inconvenience when there is an unreliable connection, when needing to us a remote on an Apple product.