Apple watch 2 wait…

We are likely to believe that new Apple watch 2 will be presented in september with the new iPhone 7 flagship. As rumours go then the new Apple watch 2 will have the same size and thickness as did Apple watch 1 but with 1 visible difference is thinner display surface.

LTE connectivity

As we thought earlier this year and last year that the new Apple watch 2 will have LTE connectivity. We must dissapoint you that this is not happening YET. LTE is excpected to debut on the Apple watch 3 in 2018. Also Wi-Fi capabilites are not included in the first upgrade.

Apple watch 2 new features

New features consist of GPS, Barometer, waterproofing, higher battery and faster processor. We have not got our hands on on more specific details and specs but GPS and barometer are very good news for sport enthusiast and medical app developers. Who can use more accurate data now.

Apple watch 1 upgrade

We are likely to believe that within the new watch 2 unveil we can also see the upgraded version of apple watch 1. The upgrades should be the same processor as apple watch 2 and waterproofing. Without GPS and Barometer features, which will be only available for Apple watch 2.

Facetime Camera

Facetime camera capabilities are also not confirmed within the new apple watch 2. But we are eager to see facetime in apple watch, which will be fenomenal. Let’s hope they come up with some idea next year.