Apple’s October Event: New MacBook Pro 2016 and Other Releases

macbook_pro_2016It was originally believed that the release of the iPhone 7 last month was the last move for Apple this year. Well, the last major move before Apple Campus 2 was open for business. The company, Apple, just made it official that it would now unveil the hardware for the Mac.

New Hardware is Coming

Coming October 27, almost the entire Mac selection will get new computing hardware. This will include MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, iMac desktops, Mac mini desktops, and Mac Pro desktops. The only product that is not due for a refresh is the 12-inch Retina MacBook. The Retina MacBook has a second release earlier this year.

Being called “Apple’s entry-level laptop”, the MacBook Air is expected to receive few updates. These updates are strategic moves for the company. One of the main changes for the MacBook Air, is the discontinuance of the 11-inch model. This will drive attention to focus more on the 12-inch and 13-inch models. The company is not expected to make an upgrade to the display of the product, as it is an “entry-level laptop.”

Some Thoughts Around Display

One of the bigger points that is expected to possibly be addressed, is the new display. At the beginning of this year Apple ended its use of Thunder Bolt display. It was not only outdated, but overpriced as well. 5k is the new expected display to be used by Apple. It will include an integrated GPU. However, the initial launch time of the new waited display has been changing multiple times this year. Meaning there is a chance that the display may not make the event.

After not seeing a change in over four years, Apple’s Pro laptop is expected to be the most exciting point of the event. With the major portion being focused on the design of the laptop. The new models we believe are going to be both thinner and also lighter in design. The whole concept will be smaller, while features such as the trackpad could become bigger to be more handy.

Other Interesting Releases are Expected

The port selection of the new MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to have a complete overhaul. With all of the ports expected to be in more relevant to USB-C connections. The company also plans to get rid of the traditional function keys. In its place, the company plans to install a new OLED touch display.

This year Touch ID will probably make its entry to the MacBook Pro. It is already possible for a Pro to be unlocked with an Apple smart Watch. The Touch ID is going to be an addition to unlocking the laptop without having to type in a password.

The highly anticipated, AirPods are expected to make their debut. Airpods are Apples first truly wireless headphones. At last month’s iPhone 7 release, the company teased about the headphones being released in October this year.

The commonly neglected Mac Pro and Mac mini are not expected to have much changes. There have been no rumors regarding the two. The Mac Pro was redesigned three years ago, while the Mac Mini was updated two years ago.

The New MacBooks are Almost Here

All in all, Apple’s October 27 event shall be a great one for its Mac technologies line. With the new display for the MacBook Pro being the projected star of the show.