How much iPhone SE actually costs for Apple?

The new Apple iPhone SE, which hit the stores just a week ago, has been taken apart piece by piece to see how much it really costs for Apple.


Retail price of iPhone SE in different countries:

USA: 16GB -$399
Canada: 16GB – $440 (579 CAD)
Europe: 16GB – $567 (499€)
Australia: 16GB – $510 (679 AUD)
China: 16GB – $510 (3288 CNY)

Research firm IHS just teared down iPhone SE to see full cost of iPhone SE, which surprisingly is pretty low – $160.

For example they identified that pressure sensitive Gorilla Glass display material cost is only $20. Display below Gorilla Glass is actually from Apple’s competitor LG. IHS analysts also found out that iPhone SE Qualcomm processor is exactly the same model as iPhone 6S but they have modified and optimized the chip to pay less. As a result the processor for iPhone SE only costs  $15 chip + $22 A9 processor.

IHS also found that Apple is flattering users with 16GB iPhone SE price, so consumers would buy 64GB iPhone because the margin is way better on the bigger iPhone.

IHS has previously priced Apple flagship iPhones also, and the results are way higher than iPhone SE. For example iPhone 5S cost for Apple was $191, iPhone 6 was $200 and the newest flagship iPhone 6S rounded up to $236 per 16GB product.

How the teardown looks on a photo: