iPhone 7 – 18 Things to Know Before Buying

iPhone 7 was released September 9th and will be available in most countries on September 16th.
Here is a list of things that you should consider before buying an iPhone 7


  1. No more headphone jack.
  2. iPhone 7 comes with new Earpod headphones that use 8-pin Lightning connector (you won’t be able to use these headphones with anything else than iOS devices)
  3. Wireless Airpod Headphones will come in the end of October.
  4. In late October, it will be possible to order iPhone with Airpods (for extra charge of course)
  5. Apple announced that they will sell out on iPhone 7
  6. Jet Black 128GB will be the rarest iPhone 7
  7. Jet Black iPhone 7 will be available only in 128GB and 256 GB configurations.
  8. AT&T and T-Mobile iPhone 7 models will not support CDMA networks.
  9. For both CDMA and GSM support – buy either Sprint or Verizon model
  10. iPhone 7 base model now has 32GB (previously 16gb)
  11. Apple makes a dock for iPhone 7 that you can use to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time (Costs $49)
  12. iPhone 7 comes with Aux adapter to use 3,5mm headphone jack.
  13. iPhone 7 is not water proof, it is water resistant.
  14. iPhone 7 has a IP67 rating, which means that iPhone 7 will survive up to 1m underwater for less than 30min.
  15. Apple recommends to use a case with iPhone 7 Jet Black version because it is prone to scratches and finger prints.
  16. iPhone 7 Plus Depth of Field portrait mode will not be available right away. Apple will add that function later on with software updates.
  17. iPhone 7 will not work with previous iPhone cases because of the redesigned camera.
  18. Apple does not cover water damage under warranty.

These are the things to know before purchasing iPhone 7. If you feel like we left something out of this list, we would appreciate feedback.
We are eagerly waiting for September 16th, because thats when we can get our hands on iPhone 7.
Remember, if you purchased a locked iPhone 7,  you can always unlock it with IMEI Phone Unlock.

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