New Apple iPhone 2020 – iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12Apple has once again shown what has been built in its labs over the years, resulting in the iPhone 12. This phone is fast, colorful, with new gadgets.
Last week, Apple invited everyone to watch the presentation of their new phones. As expected, they came in several different sizes, price ranges, and colors.

The iPhone 12 is 6.1-inch, and the smaller one is 5.4-inch with new design 5G support, OLED display with Ceramic Shield, Dual-lens camera, and A14 chip. The starting price is $699/$799.
Tests confirm – the iPhone 12 processor is really the best in the market.

New iPhones 12 are now waterproof IP68 and capable of being underwater for 30 minutes. There is a unique ceramic layer on the screen, which provides the best protection against falls.

5G speed and A14 chip

The new iPhones also allow 5G ultra-fast internet access on a high-speed smartphone. iPhones come with Apple’s new A14 Bionic processor. It’s the same processor Apple has used on iPads to make the modern smartphone faster than ever. This processor is said to be even more powerful than some laptops.

Five different colors

Brand new iPhones come in five different colors and innovative shapes. The screen edges of the iPhone 12 are now narrower, visually increasing the screen size. The smartphone’s design is somewhat reminiscent of the former form of the iPhone 5 with its straight sides that are only 7.4 mm thick.

Amazing camera

The newer iPhones have a dual camera, which is even better and focuses faster. Again, the cameras allow you to take pictures from a wide-angle and record videos at up to 30 frames per second.

Is it worth giving up on Android rivals already?

Well-known Android phone manufacturers in the West do not produce processors for their devices themselves, but Apple decided quite early on in favor of upstream swimming. The first three iPhones used a processor made by rival Samsung. However, since the iPhone 4 model was released in September 2013, Apple has only used its own chips. Performance tests confirm that they are also very fast and of high quality. (No wonder Apple is giving up other processors on its computers as well.)

The technology site Tom’s Guide also tested Apple’s new A14 Bionic processor and unequivocally finds that the best chips in the Android phone are no longer hopeful – they may give up. For example, in the Geenekch 5 performance test, the A14 scores are 1593 (single-core) and 3859 (multi-core). Of the Android tested, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra scored the best, 985 and 3294.

It is worth adding that the A14 chip has six cores, the Snapdragon 865+ used in the Note20 Ultras and the eight cores used in the Exynos 990, and the Snapdragon 865+ used in the RoG Phone 3 also has eight cores. Many top Android phones prefer eight-core chips. But it turns out that more is not always more powerful.

However, Tom’s Guide tests confirm that phone manufacturers can think about what and how much their devices need for their expensive models. Not just chasing more and more powerful numbers and stuffing in all sorts of new solutions that no one has asked for and most will not use. It is with such showing off that Android’s flagships often stand out.