New Macbook Pro – Never turning off?

It seems as if Apple is out with the old and in with the new. This seems to be the case with many of the features for the MacBook Pro. There are a few things that are now missing from the MacBook Pros. This includes physical feature buttons, the famous glowing Apple logo and the ‘old style’ USB ports. One of the most noticeable changes is lack of the iconic Mac startup during booting.

The chime has been a part of Apple computers since 1998. It was a F-sharp chord that could be heard one the Mac passed its initial post checks. Now, the new MacBook have completely ended this tradition. There will be no noise upon boot. The only way one can expect to hear a noise upon boot is if there is some type of problem. Some argue that there is a good reason for this replacement.Macbook pro not turning ofF? is being credited with first discovering the change. Not many know that the late 2016 versions of the laptop can switch themselves on. If current MacBook Pros are in sleeping mode, and you lift the lid, then the laptop will boot itself up. The New MacBook Pros go even further with this idea. The newer MacBook Pros pretty much remove the need to ever press the power key, to turn on the laptop. Even if the newer Pros are powered completely off, they will turn themselves on once you open the MacBook Pro lid.

The fresh function is the reason for the end of the MacBook Pro chime era. The Apple laptop is now in the generation of automatically starting and quiet laptops. Imagine coming late to a meeting and your laptop disturbing the meeting with its’ chime. Not only inconvenient but presumably embarrassing as well.

With this new feature means there is no difference in starting a computer from scratch and from sleep mode. Well, maybe a few seconds’ difference.  The new automatic boot will come with all latest MacBook Pros. Depending on the model chosen, the will have either two or four USB-C ports. The larger models will have the all new Touch Bar available. They will have the automatic boot if there is enough power. The new 2016 models will also boot if connected to a power adaptor while the lid is open, or connected to an external display.

With the removal of the chime, Apple has streamlined the entire process for the user. All one must do now is just open their computer and go. Apple announced these new MacBook Pro’s last week. The smaller 13-inch model without the Touch Bar is already available for purchase. It’s expected that Apple stores’ will get in-stock by next week. The Touch Bar MacBook Pro is currently back ordered by at least a month.