Rumours about iPhone 7

The new Apple flagship iPhone 7 release will be in the fall of 2016. So they have few months to develop the new iPhone 7 as they want it to be. We’ve seen a new design upgrade for each new series (iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6), I hope iPhone 7 is not an exception. iPhone 6S launch was in September 2015 so it’s about time to start thinking about September 2016 when the new iPhone 7 will be launched. Although September is still far ahead we started hearing rumours about new iPhone already in January.


Apple will continue release two iPhone versions each year, so we can expect iPhone 7 (4.7 inch) and  iPhone 7 Plus (5.5 inch) screens in September 2016. I’m pretty sure if iPhone SE (4 inch) release which was a month ago is a success then we can see the new line of 4 inch iPhone coming out each year in Spring. That way apple can compete on all markets with their competitors.



The latest report from KGI’s is that the iPhone 7 will have all-glass body with AMOLED screen. We believe that they drop aluminium completely because it is already old-fashioned and all competitors are using aluminum also. Apple as we know likes to be 1 step ahead always. New AMOLED glass screen will be much thinner and lighter and also contrast and colors are way better as they were on iPhone 6S LCD (Retina HD display).



Rumour also has it that the iPhone 7 will be a 1mm thinner than it’s predecessor iPhone 6S. They say it could be as thin as 6.1mm like iPod touch. The new thinner iPhone means that Apple have to redesign the camera bump, to remove it completely to get the new slimmer and cleaner design or make it like it is currently with smaller body but the same bump. iPhone 7  or at least one of the new releases is rumoured to have dual camera lenses for better image quality and narrowing the gap between iPhone photos vs DSLR cameras.



Apple is planned to make iPhone 7 slimmer but with going slimmer and slimmer year by year they have reached the point where headphone jack is too big for iPhone body. Rumours say Apple will remove headphone jack completely and new iPhones will come with a bluetooth headset. But since it’s not confirmed we also have second opinion on that, maybe apple creates new headphones with Lightning connector. So basically you will not able to charge while listening to music. While they remove the headphone jack, they might be planning to replace the empty space with a second speaker so iPhone users can enjoy stere sound like we’ve see on iPads.


RAM (the thing that makes your iPhone multitask faster)

According to rumours/predictions iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will have different amount of RAM. Because of the possibility of greater hardware in iPhone 7 Plus it might need also extra RAM. Rumours say that iPhone 7 will have 2GB and iPhone 7 Plus will have 3GB of RAM

Storage space

Hopefully iPhone 7 will ship with a new 256GB selection because a lot of users has already reached the 128GB mark, and cameras improving quickly we need more storage space to store all the 4K videos we can do with dual-lens camera.

Battery Life

I believe battery life isn’t going to change much, as they make the phone slimmer each year they have to cut the physical size of the battery. As rumoured the new iPhone 7 battery gives out basically the same or slightly better watt-hour rate as iPhone 6S but I’m pretty sure the average smartphone user must still charge the new iPhone after a day.


We are eagerly looking forward to see the new iPhone in September 2016. Hopefully they have even more surprises for us than we have heard. Waterproof iPhone, edge to edge screen, curved screen, 3D, wireless charging. With Apple nothing is sure until the release day.

When we hear something new, we’ll let you know, stay tuned.