These are the iPhone 7 leaks we have been waiting for…

The new iPhone 7 will be officially announced in September 2016, but we have yet again got our hands on for the latest rumors and leaks of the new Apple flagship iPhone 7 and it’s versions. All features and mentions below are still rumours, but I hope at least some of those features are present in the new iPhone 7. Also we will start unlocking iPhone 7 as soon as it hit the stores.

iPhone 7 versions

New rumours are that iPhone 7 will come in three different versions.

iPhone 7  – 4,7″ – Single camera and single speaker

iPhone 7 Plus – 5,5″ – Single camera and single speaker

iPhone 7 Pro – 5,5″ – Dual camera and dual speaker

iPhone 7 memory

It’s been reported that Apple will drop the 16GB variant from their list because demand is going up. Some leaks have shown that 16GB is going to be replaced with 32GB option, but I personally think that the new variants starts with 64GB and goes up to 256GB. I sincerely hope that all the three versions will get the same memory variants.

3D touch home button

Newest and the most popular change with the new iPhone 7 could be the removal of physical home button as we know Apple for. The new snapshots of iPhone 7 suggest that new home button is 3D touch capable button on the surface below the screen. This improvement might be the one Apple has been working on for a long time because this takes away the physical feeling of the smart phone, and I like it.


Lightning Headphone jack

As we have written before, the headphone jack is removed from the new iPhone 7. First we thought that Apple will ship it’s new phones with bluetooth headsets. But now new versions of rumours have emerged that the iPhone 7 comes with Lightning cable headsets. Which is pretty cool if they manage to pull it off. Because removing 3.5mm headphone jack gives new space for speakers or extended battery life. Basically iphone creates it’s own usb-c which is widely known as the next standard in PC word. That everything (battery, usb, headphones, hdmi etc. will go through usb-c port).

iphone-7-headphones-1 iphone-7-headphones

iPhone 7 colors

We can believe that the new iPhone 7 will come out with a new color and that is “Dark Space Gray” or “Space Black”. We have seen the new images of darker iPhone and everyone likes it. I believe that all other colors are expected as well. Rose gold, Gold, Gray and Space Gray.


iOS 10

And lastly the software that the new iPhone 7 will come with – iOS10. I believe that all iPhone’s since iPhone 5s will get the update also, but as we’ve seen before. All older iPhones don’t run so good on newest software.

iOS 10 is supposed to bring us so much more new stuff that I will be writing detailed new’s later on. But some of the key features are Siri intelligence, lock screen notifications, full screen caller id, improved apple maps, improved messages app and so on.