Snapchat allows face-swap from photos on device

A recent update (04.22.16) from Snapchat improves the popular face-swap feature even more. Unfortunately the latest update reached iOS only, but I believe it will come to Android soon enough. It’s now possible to face swap with photos on your mobile device, don’t matter if picture is downloaded or taken by yourself. Until today face swap functioned only when 2 persons where side by side behind the phone.

Previous version of Faceswap feature has become a huge success and is very popular amongst users. New sensation on the web is being creative with faceswap and the new updated faceswap isn’t going to slow it down, I believe it takes it to the next level entirely.

The new feature works almost like old one, you need to enable filters on snapchat and the last on the right is face-swap. One thing to bear in mind is that you cannot select a photo to face-swap yourself, snapchat will do it for you, basically the app searches for eyes, nose and a mouth from photos on your device and filters out all those pictures for you to choose from.

For people who don’t know about face swap I add step by step instructions below:

  • Open Snapchat app (if you don’t have one, download it from App Store)
  • Rotate screen (switch screen) to facing yourself aka “selfie mode”
  • long-press or hold your finger on your face on the screen
  • Snapchat will detect your face and you see that some additional icons appeared on the screen
  • Start swiping through filters, you will spend a huge amount of time before getting to faceswap (it’s the last one)
  • Please keep the camera facing yourself otherwise these filters don’t work. (Obviously you can use your little brother/sister) as a mannequin  for trying different filters.
  • To take photo press the button in the middle
  • To save photo on your device press the downward facing arrow button on the bottom 2nd from the left.
  • Or you want to send it to a friend, press the right facing arrow.
  • + there are ton’s of more features in Snapchat app, I let you explore all the possibilities yourself.

NB! Snapchat filters won’t work if it cannot detect eyes, nose and a mouth. Keep the camera focused on yours or someone elses face.


Snapchat announced also that it’s removing paid Replays of snaps with the new update. Previously users were given 1 free replay per day and each replay costed $0.99 extra. But now all Snaps can be replayed once before they expire and you cannot see them never. Paid replays were introduced to public last year, but seems that they did not work or profit very well, and now the company decided to focus more on advertising to increase income.

Some key notes about Snapchat overall:

  • Snapchat has 200 million monthly active users with over 700 million snaps sent every day
  • Company is valued at $19 billion
  • Snapchat CPM is claimed to be $100
  • 60% Snapchat users are 13 to 24 years old
  • 70% of users are female
  • Only 1% of advertisers use Snapchat for business
  • Different brands pay $750 000 per day for advertisement