Updates We Like in the New iOS 11

Apple introduced the next iOS version at their developers’ conference WWDC2017 held on 5-9th of June. The new release will be iOS 11. See what the new updates are that we really like and look forward to.

The new iOS will be released to public probably in autumn together with the fresh iPhone 8. Thanks to the conference a lot of the updates were leaked to the public so that software engineers could start working on their apps. Beta testers will get access to the fresh platform during this month.

We will share the updates of iOS 11 with our readers. The final features might differ from the beta version, but most should still be what they are promised.

What We Heard About iOS 11 on the 5th of June

– iMessages will be synchronized across your Apple devices. This means if you delete a message on your phone, it will be deleted on iPad and MacBook as well.
– Siri will be able to make notes to other apps too.
– Siri will get smarter and sync knowledge about you across other devices.
– Photos and videos taken with the camera will take less space in iOS 11.
– Activity Center will be on one page, 3D Touch will allow access to some additional options.
– Notification Center and Lock Screen will be in the same place.
– Apple Pay will be improved in messages and iPhone in general.
– iOS 11 will be 64-bit platform, so many devices compatible to iOS 10 will not get this update.
– The oldest model to get iOS 11 will be iPhone 5S. The first four iPad generations will not get the update.

Things We Found Out at Later Time

Support for FLAC

A beta tester of iOS 11 announced that the new app Files will play FLAC audio files on iCloud. IOS hasn’t supported this format before. This option will be available only for iCloud.

Less Integration

IOS 11 main menu will not have the direct support for Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr. This means you will not be able to log in to other services through these accounts.

Business Conversations

The new iOS will include a new option Business Chat, which allows a fast communication between a company and a client, solve issues and make transactions with iPhone-iPad-iWatch. Clients can find companies and start conversations with the help of Safari, Maps, Spotlight and Siri.

Delete Apps without Deleting Data

If you want to delete apps to get more space but want to keep its data, then this option is available in iOS 11. If you go to iPhone Storage -> Offload unused apps and enable it, your device will do it automatically once the storage is running out. It can be done for each app separately. A lot of apps keep the user data in cloud, like Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter.

Less Location Sharing

The user of iOS 11 will always be able to set an app to use his or her location only while using the app. This can help to prevent apps using your location at all times.

Download Files in iPhone

The fresh iOS will add drag & drop feature to iPads and iPhones. For now, the drag & drop feature will work in a single app at a time.

Sync Passwords Like a Pro

If one of the Apple devices is connected to WiFi, then bringing another device near it will allow sending login information with the ease of a tap on the screen. It will ask permission and all the user needs to do, is to approve it. However, this feature will work only between two devices on iOS 11, and on some Mac computers.

These are the most exciting updates for the new iOS 11. We can’t wait to get our hands on it. If you like the fresh iOS you can share these updates with your friends on social media.