What’s New from the Apple Event 2019?

So Apple’s yearly event has passed and you might be wondering what the company announced. Apple’s 2019 event was certainly worth the wait. Below, we will be going over some of the key points to take away from the latest event. What Was New At Apple’s 2019 Event?

1. New iPhone 11 (Pro)

As usual, the iPhone unveiling was easily the star of the show. Apple unveiled it’s latest iPhone iterations. However, with the unveiling of their iPhone, they released a brand new “Pro” line. The iPhone 11 Pro models feature Super Retina XDR OLED displays which are some of the best displays on the entire marketplace. The entire line comes in 6 unique colors. Along with this, it is coming with highly sought after features enhancing multimedia content viewing and picture taking capabilities. Some of the key features are Dolby Atmos and an ultra-wide lens to take more professional-looking photos. The camera not only includes an ultra-wide lens which you would in the past have to get from a third-party attachment, but it also comes with 4x zoom capability. Along with this, it comes with what Apple is touting as new and improved image processing. This is from it’s proprietary ‘Deep Fusion technology’ which is expected to drive the camera technology packed into the latest Apple iPhone 11 series to new heights with better pixel sampling.

The new iPhone is also equipped with a brand new A13 Bionic processor which features an even faster graphics processor than it’s predecessor which was already top of the line in terms of benchmarking. This means that the iPhone is only going to become increasingly more capable when it comes to playing some of the latest and greatest mobile games. Along with this, the new chip features spatial audio which can enhance the gaming experience and the pure multimedia viewing experience.

2. New iPad

Apple also unveiled it’s latest 2019 iteration of its iPad line. This will be Apple’s 7th generation iPad and it comes in a brand new form factor at 10.2 inches. This iPad comes equipped with a blazing fast A10 Fusion chip and it has an improved screen allowing for better viewing of content. Apple is releasing this iPad at a competitive price of $329 MSRP. The new iPad also features a brand new ‘Smart Connector plus’ which is a brand new keyboard offering that can turn the iPad into a borderline laptop replacement.

3. New Apple Watch 5

Apple also unveiled the new watch that they are set to release. This is currently the 5th in the series of releases. The new watch finally features what people have been asking for which is a proper always-on display. There are models for both GPS and cellular data. The watch starts at $399 for the most basic model and goes up to $499 for the cellular model.

4. Apple TV Plus

Apple is taking on Disney and Netflix with its unveiling of the long-awaited Apple TV Plus. This service from Apple is launching on the first of November 2019 in over 100 different countries. The service to start will be priced at $4.99 on a monthly basis for a family subscription. Apple is expected to have new original content as they have spent over $6 billion just to sign some of the biggest stars to its new service. Along with this, the service itself is expected to offer the ability to stream in 4K with HDR and Dolby Vision support.

5. Apple Arcade

This is another long-awaited reveal from Apple’s 2019 event. Apple unveiled it’s newest game streaming service which will cost $4.99 per month for a family subscription. This service will offer some exclusive content as well as other games readily available across the platform. From the start, users will be able to play over 100 games on any Apple device they want.

As you can see, Apple’s event was one for the ages. Not only did they release one of the biggest updates to its iPhone series in a long time, but it came with unique TV and game services that are expected to make big waves in each respective industry. You can tell Apple is starting to use the cash in its reserves to really come with compelling and innovative services and hardware.