Windows 10 OS released for Nokia Lumia

At last Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10 mobile OS for Nokia lumia phones. Microsoft has made it’s users wait it for a long time, but they have been working hard to make it happen and now it’s here !

Since Microsoft took over Nokia Mobiles everyone thought that they are going to focus on developing their own devices more than on Nokia older phones. Latest news shows otherwise, Microsoft was working on releasing their latest os update to Nokia Lumia phones.


The move was expected to take place in December 2015, but after many delays it is announced that Nokia Lumia phone owners will get the latest os update. Windows 10 update is compatible with these versions:

  • Nokia Lumia 430
  • Nokia Lumia 435
  • Nokia Lumia 532
  • Nokia Lumia 535
  • Nokia Lumia 540
  • Nokia Lumia 635 1GB
  • Nokia Lumia 636 1GB
  • Nokia Lumia 638 1GB
  • Nokia Lumia 640
  • Nokia Lumia 640XL
  • Nokia Lumia 730
  • Nokia Lumia 735
  • Nokia Lumia 830
  • Nokia Lumia 930
  • Nokia Lumia 1520
  • BLU Win HD w510u
  • BLU Win HD LTE x150q
  • MCJ Madosma Q501

Windows 10 was previously available only for devices such as:

  • Nokia Lumia 550
  • Nokia Lumia 650
  • Nokia Lumia 950
  • Nokia Lumia 950 XL

Windows 10 comes with new innovations, that’s why older phones are not able to support windows 10 mobile os. Microsoft has said that their goal is to offer Windows 10 upgrade to devices that they are confident can deliver a good experience.