Terms and Conditions

This is the USER AGREEMENT for all orders placed through IMEI Phone Unlock. Before purchasing from Imeiphoneunlock.com or any site owned/operated by Imei Phone Unlock, you need to verify that you accept these Terms and Conditions.


  • All sales placed through imeiphoneunlock.com are final.
  • Money back guarantee for phones that we can NOT unlock.
  • There are no refunds for any product sold on imeiphoneunlock.com
  • Customer is responsible for purchasing the correct product/service.
  • Blacklisted/Stolen phones may not work in their original network or even in the same country after unlock.
  • There are NO Refunds for delayed orders.
  • All imeiphoneunlock.com products/services and notifications are delivered via email.
  • All products and services from imeiphoneunlock.com are non-returnable
  • Our Customer support team is available 24/7 via email at [email protected]

1.1 Every order is processed after the customer has accepted this agreement and paid the correct amount through imeiphoneunlock.com
1.2 Delivery times are rough estimates based on previous data collected by imeiphoneunlock.com
1.3 Delivery Times are noted in Business Days, every week has 5 business days.
1.4 Each product has a different delivery time noted on the product page.
1.5 Imeiphoneunlock.com offers official IMEI phone unlocking solutions.
1.6 Mobile service providers have the right to reject any type of unlock request that it deems to cause damage or violate the agreement with the customer.
1.7 Mobile service providers have the right to modify unlock status of the phone without any notification.


2.1 There are no cancellations or changes to the order after the order has been placed.
2.2 If we detect fraud or any other type of fraudulent activity, imeiphoneunlock.com has the right to relock the phone and contact authorities.
2.3 Bank disputes/chargebacks are considered as fraudulent activity and we will act accordingly.

  1. LEGAL

3.1 All products and services sold by imeiphoneunlock.com are legal in the United States, Canada and most parts of Europe.
3.2 Customer is responsible to check local laws before purchasing.
3.3 Customer takes full responsibility for using our services.


4.1 We assume that the customer has read and understands information provided on this site.
4.2 We assume that the customer understands and follows this T&C agreement.


5.1 Customer is responsible to check that their device will work with their chosen carrier before placing the order.
5.2 Customer must verify their device status and information before placing the order.
5.3 Customer is responsible to give only correct information to imeiphoneunlock.com
5.4 Customer is responsible to make sure that they can receive email from [email protected]
5.5 Customer must be honest and answer all questions in best of their ability while communicating with imeiphoneunlock.com
5.6 Customer must adhere to Terms and Conditions.


6.1 Each product/service price is listed on the web site.
6.2 Pre-Order price may not be final and will be delivered via email.
6.3 All imeiphoneunlock.com products/services and notifications are delivered via email.
6.4 Delivery times can vary up to 1 week from the time noted on the product page.
6.5 If delivery times increase significantly, imeiphoneunlock.com will notify the customer accordingly.
6.6 All orders are processed during regular business hours from Monday to Friday (9am – 6pm EST)
6.7 Phone activation instructions and other information will be provided via email.
6.8 Unlock codes and iCloud information are delivered via separate email.
6.9 There are no unlock codes for Apple devices, instead, customer will receive an email confirmation of successful unlock.
6.10 Emails are delivered based on the email address given by the customer during checkout process. Customer is obligated to provide their correct email address and make sure that they have access to the given email. Temporary or fake email addresses will not be accepted.


7.1 Customers are responsible to back up their data before unlock. In case the device has been jailbroken before the official unlock, you may need the backup of your data in iTunes. Imeiphoneunlock.com does not take any responsibility for the loss of clients’ data.


8.1 All products and services on this site except for the Pre-Orders have 100% Money Back Guarantee. Money Back Guarantee may be limited in some cases. Money Back Guarantee does not apply if any part of this agreement has been violated.
8.2 If we fail to unlock your phone, 100% Money Back Guarantee Applies.


9.1 When unlock order is delayed.
9.2 If the IMEI is noted as UNLOCKED based on the server report/network check.
9.3 If the IMEI number given by the customer is wrong.
9.4 If customer purchases a wrong product/service or tries to unlock phone with incorrect and cheaper service. For example, tries to unlock on contract/financed phone with “Clean” method.
9.5 No refunds for blacklisted phones if they relock after a successful unlock.
9.6 No refunds for a blacklisted phone that does not work with your carrier or in your country. Customer must make sure that their phone is not blacklisted in the network/country that they will be using it with.
9.7 No refunds for phones that have a hardware problem/malfunction and will not get service.
9.8 No refunds for pre-order payments if you decide later not to unlock.
9.9 When unlock was successfully completed but your phone does not support the carrier that you want to use. Customer is responsible for making sure that their phone will work in CDMA or GSM network.
9.10 When customer fails to communicate or provide required information.
9.11 If your phone does get relocked.
9.12 If phone was already unlocked before the order was placed.
9.13 If your phone does not work because of iCloud lock. 


10.1 Directions on how to complete the unlocking process and activation are sent via email. Customer should include “[email protected]” to their approved sender list to make sure that our mail will be delivered. Customer is responsible for checking their email.
10.2 Before thinking that unlock did not work, please make sure that you have the newest operating system installed on your device. We do not take any responsibility for failed unlocks or not working solutions if device is running on outdated operating system. All operating systems that are 2 years old or older are considered outdated.
10.3 In case you do not see a “Congratulations” notification in iTunes informing that your iPhone has been unlocked, it does not mean that your iPhone has not been unlocked. This simply means that the device connected to Internet earlier and already activated itself.
10.4 If initial activation does not work, restore your Apple device in iTunes as a brand-new device. Do not restore from old data backup.
10.5 You can also check your phone unlock status from a third party site or request status report/verification from us.
10.6 Our service does not give any type of jailbreak, upgrade / downgrade, or activating guidelines.


11.1 “Not Found” means that it was not possible to unlock the phone. This requires additional examination by our team. If customer has provided correct information and purchased correct product that results in a “Not Found” response from the server, then customer may receive a full refund. Otherwise no.


12.1 Imeiphoneunlock.com takes all reasonable safety measures to protect client information.
12.2 Client information may be stored for financial, marketing, and/or statistical purposes.
12.3 Imeiphoneunlock.com shall never distribute, sell, share or publicize client information to any third party or company, except our supplier who will be processing the unlocks once they are being browsed on our website.
12.4 Imeiphoneunlock.com does not store any credit card information, all transactions are processed with trusted and well known payment processing companies.
12.5 Clients may request their information to be removed from our records at any given time.


13.1 All transactions and information submitted to this site are encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
13.2 We do not store any financial or critical information about our clients.
13.3 We do our best to protect client information from other parties.


14.1 We log IP addresses for suspicious activity and fraud detection. If we detect fraud, we will report it to corresponding authorities.
14.2 We do not tolerate any fraud orders; we take all necessary steps to fight fraud. In case of fraud, £100 of administration fee may be added to the order which will have 30-days grace period for the client to pay up.
14.3 If necessary, fraudulent orders and IMEI numbers will be blocked and reported to Apple.
14.4 Credit card disputes and cases after a successful unlock or prior to will be considered as an attempted fraud and we will blacklist IMEI to block the phone from any global network.
14.5 Breaking Terms and Conditions will be considered as fraudulent activity and we will act accordingly.